About Us

In this world when it is extremely difficult to be the best in the world, Taco Bell has taken an extraordinary step to achieve the feat. They have launched the customer satisfaction survey termed as TellTheBell to know the reviews of the customers and fulfill their demands and expectations in the best possible ways.

Due to its care for customers, and some great quality of services, Taco Bell has managed to give the tough competition to the big fast-food giants like McDonald’s and KFC. TellTheBell Survey has assisted the Taco Bell to make sure that each and every customer on its premises stay happy with their services and food.

Glen Ball laid the foundation off Taco Bell with a small hot dog stand in 1946 just at the age of 23. And between 1946 and 1962, he acquired a lot of restaurants before establishing a big firm named as TellTheBell. He traded it to PepsiCo in the year 1978 who is the current owner of the Taco Bell. TellTheBell includes a wide range of food on its menu.

Taco Bell rewards the lucky participant of the TellTheBell Survey with the cash prize of $500. TellTheBell Survey is one of the commendable initiatives undertaken by Taco Bell to amend itself in the areas where there is a scope of improvement. TellTheBell Survey has been received an overwhelming response from the people all over the United States.

The Taco Bell restaurant also conducts TellTheBell Survey to analyze the food habits and food needs of the customers.

TellTheBell is a satisfactory survey which introduced solely to analyze the needs and wants of the customers. TellTheBell makes sure that the next bite of your’s on the premises of the Taco Bell will be much more delicious.

You can conduct the TellTheBell Survey on the official website of the TellTheBell at the official website of Taco Bell at www.tellthebell.com.