Entry Methods

TellTheBell is a customer satisfaction survey launched and managed by the world’s most popular fast-food chain network Taco Bell.

They launched this survey for all the people of the United States with some basic rules and regulations. Any legal resident from the USA or Canada can conduct the TellTheBell Survey and can get a golden opportunity to win a $500 Cash Price.

The primary reason for launching the TellTheBell Survey is knowing the reviews of the customers regarding the food, services, staff-behavior, and to know the last visit experience of the customers on the Tace Bell premises.

TellTheBell Restaurant serves some delicious quality of foods like tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas plus innovation, and many other special items. Taco Bell started with a small chain of restaurants, and today it has more than 7000 stores in the United States and all over the world.

Since Taco Bell serves a wide range of dishes, it is very much serious about the quality of food served on its premises. TellTheBell Survey clearly indicates that how much does the Taco Bell loves its customers, and how serious they are about their services.

TellTheBell Survey questionnaire consists of some of the most basic questions based on your last visit which includes the questions based on the quality of food, the cost of the food, the staff-behavior, etc.

TellTheBell Survey Methods

TellTheBell Survey can be conducted via 2 methods. Have a look at the detailed explanation of those 2 methods below:

  1. TellTheBell Survey Online: Users can be a part of sweepstakes by successfully answering all the questions asked in the TellTheBell Survey available at the official website www.tellthebell.com. You will require a 16-digit TellTheBell Survey code stamped on the last visit receipt of the Taco Bell. We have explained the steps to conduct the TellTheBell Survey online in our article.
  2. TellTheBell Mail-In Method: Users can be a part of the sweepstakes with the opportunity to win a decent amount of cash prizes by dispatching handwritten letters, that include important details like name, age, permanent address, and contact number on a 3*5 inch paper. They can send it to TellTheBell Mailing Address. You can send the letter on the following mailing address:

Taco Bell Client Surveys Sweepstakes,
P. O. Box 6047,
Dep’t. 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655.