Taco Bell is one of the most popular food joints and has innovated Mexican food in a new and classic way. They have introduced the Tacos from the corners of Mexican relinquished with various permutations and combinations amplifying the taste quality of the same. People adore their variations of Tacos which include rolled chicken tacos, double chalupa, black bean crunch wrap supreme, and so on. TellTheBell Survey is an incredible effort by the Tacos to collect the reviews of the customers and implement the demands and expectations of the same.

TelltheBell is an online customer satisfaction survey launched by Taco Bell which allows the customers to share their reviews and opinions on their portal. TellTheBell expects that each and every opinion placed in this survey are genuine. TellTheBell Survey gives you an opportunity of winning a decent cash amount of $500. TellTheBell selects the winners randomly and they dispatch the email about their winnings via email.

TellTheBell Frequently Asked Questions

TellTheBell has specifically designed a FAQ section to help the customers getting a solution to some of the most commonly asked queries. Have a look at the TellTheBell FAQ below:

Why am I asked my address in the TellTheBell Survey?

TellTheBell Survey inquires about your address at the end of the survey so that they can dispatch an mail to you or contact you if you are the lucky winner of the TellTheBell. In case you fail to reply within 20 days, you will be no longer able to claim the rewards.

How many times can I conduct the TellTheBell Survey?

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can conduct the TellTheBell Survey. You can be a part of TellTheBell Survey as many times you want. But using the same email id, you can be a part of the TellTheBell only once a week.

How do I get the money if I am the lucky winner of the TellTheBell Survey?

In case you win the TellTheBell Survey, you will be informed by the company via email within two weeks. Also, a mail will be dispatched to your permanent address informing you about your winnings.