Questions Asked

Have you ever visited a Taco Bell Store to enjoy delicious Tacos served on their premises stuffed with vegetables and meat? If not, you must enjoy once and you will not regret a bit. Taco Bell has been of the biggest competitors of fast-food giants like McDonald’s and KFC? And like every big firm Taco Bell has launched its own customer satisfaction survey termed as TellTheBell Survey. TellTheBell allows the customers to place their valuable feedbacks and opinions on its online portal.

It is an obvious thing that TellTheBell Survey will help the administrators to get the reviews of the customers. The administrators will make the use of this feedback to amplify the quality of food and make amendments in their services if needed. But what does a customer get by participating in the TellTheBell Survey? A customer who participates in this TellTheBell Survey will be rewarded with a cash prize of $500 if they are the lucky winner. TellTheBell decides the winner by the lottery system.

TellTheBell Questionnaire

All the questions included in the TellTheBell questionnaire will be purely based on your last visit to Taco Bell. Questions ware designed on the basis of products and the services you have been offered on the Taco Bell premises. Have a look at some questions to get the general idea about the TellTheBell Survey.

  • The first question will be based on the overall satisfaction level of your last visit to Taco Bell.
  • In the second question, you will be asked about the services you have been provided after placing the order. You will be given some options like Dine-in, etc.
  • The next question will be based on the customer satisfaction level related to the service you received at the Taco Bell. There will be certain factors described as the accuracy of the order, etc.
  • The fourth question will be related to the behavior of the staff members toward the customers. You will be given some options regarding the friendliness of the Taco Bell staff.
  • In the next section of the TellTheBell Survey, you will be given a textbox in which you need to describe your issues in brief.