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Taco Bell is one of the most popular American fast-food restaurants chain established by Glen Bell. It started its journey in 1946 as a hot dog chain termed as Ben’s Drive-In in California. Taco Bell serves a wide range of delicious food items thus covering all the age groups. Taco Bell is well-known for serving delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, and a variety of other items. TellTheBell today has more than 7,000 restaurants, with more than 2 billion customers enjoying the meals every year.

Taco Bell has employed approximately more than 185,000 employees. TellTheBell Survey is one of the finest ways by Taco Bell to gather reviews of the customers regarding their services.

TellTheBell Contact Details

It is easy to contact the TellTheBell. The contact details of the TellTheBell are given below:

TellTheBell Headquarters: In case, you feel it is necessary to submit your complaint in writing, you can dispatch your complaint on:

Taco Bell Office team,

1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine,

California 92618, USA.

TellTheBell Dial Number: You can also dialĀ  +1-949-863-4500 and reach the TellTheBell customer representatives.

Official website: You can contact the TellTheBell on their official website at TellTheBell provides you a “Contact Us” page there, where you can submit your query, feedback or an opinion. TellTheBell makes it sure that each and every customer issue are resolved in the quickest possible ways.

Participating in the TellTheBell Survey is a golden opportunity for customers to send Taco Bell their feedback and suggestions directly to the administrators. In this way, each and every TellTheBell participant can make sure that the services of Taco Bell and their menu improve to a great extent. Completion of the TellTheBell hardly takes few minutes. Your few minutes ensures that your next visit on the Taco Bell premises are more pleasant as compared to that of the last visit